Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mission update 260411

Dear brothers and sisters,
Good morning. Thanks for your prayer support. I had a fruitful trip in London. It was the first Mission conference for Chinese churches in England and Europe. I had opportunity to meet many Chinese Christians and pastors from different countries in Europe. It was an eyes opening experience to find out how God was at work in many Chinese communities throughout Europe. Even though the Chinese churches in general did not feel like they were ready to send out missionaries, many came to pick up our magazines and enquire about our mission fields. Pray that the Lord will revive the Chinese churches in Europe for His mission.
Europe (UK included) is considered to be mission field for Chinese churches. Many churches do not have full time pastors. Among all the Chinese churches in UK, there were less than 5 full time English ministers to serve their second generations. There is indeed a big need for English youth minister in Chinese church. However, a new UK homeland security policy made it harder for religious workers or students from going into the country. They are very tight on granting work visa for religious workers and student visa for seminarians. We need to pray for spiritual revivval in many Christian nations in Europe. Pray that their leaders (including their royal family members) will take their relationship with God more seriously.
I did not sleep well last night because of jetlag. It is therefore difficult for me to focus in meditation and prayer. Pray that I will recover soon. My next trip is a short one to Portland, Oregon. Afterward, I will be leaving for three countries in East Africa in May, and Toronto, Canada as well. Appreciate your prayer for my health and travel...
In Christ,

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