Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love note to my beloved brothers and sisters

Dear brothers and sisters,
It has been a long time since I last wrote to you. I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to witness His work throughout the globe. My previous trip to China was indeed a meaningful and fruitful one. We were able to bring some M Christians to visit their own kinsmen in the remote part of China. This visit marked a new beginning of our work in that region for the last 5 years. We had been praying for this moment ever since we began our work there. To those of us, who were called to this mission project, this trip was truly a great accomplishment and an answered prayer. We felt like a bridge builder between the M church and the M people. We labored for many years to cultivate the soil, and a new seed was finally planted. We pray that this plant will grow and bear much fruits in the future. We covet your prayers for this exciting project down the road.

My journal writing was not consistent in the past few months. It was partly due to jetlag and traveling schedule. And the other reason was due to my evaluation of my journal writing in the past few years. Ever since I started to post my journal on the blog, I felt like my journal was more for edifying others than an intimate communication between me and Abba Father. Spiritual journal was supposed to be my transparent interaction with God. If I expect to write for others to read, I will tend to be “superficial” and more careful in sharing my naked thought and feeling. I did not feel like I was reading and meditating for this deep encountering, but for the growth of my beloved brothers and sisters like you, for which I have no regret at all. However, I felt like it is time for me to return to my previous journaling habit of writing for my own reading only. In this way, I will feel more at ease to dig deep into writing my prayer and reflection with God.

I hope I have demonstrated to you in the last few years of what spiritual journaling is all about, and motivated you to do the same. From now on, I will occasionally share my devotional thought with you, and update you about my ministry through my blog. But I will not send you my devotional reading on a daily basis. I pray that you will continue your walk in the Lord and draw close to Him each day.

I will have two more international trips in coming months. Afterward, it will be mainly domestic travel in North America. May God bless you with His own presence daily!

Love you in Him,