Thursday, December 11, 2008

Arrived Hong Kong

Dear brothers and sisters,
Thanks for your prayer. I am back to Hong Kong. Our visit in China was a smooth one, though we did not take our safety measures lightly. The Lord really watched over us in all our activities during that short visit.
It was always touching to see young people committed their lives to serve the Lord. They study hard during weekdays, and go to ground zero of the earthquake zone to serve disaster's victims. These young people looked like anyone of our young career people, except they live a very simple life with little material possessions. However, their lives are so abundant and rich in the Lord. They minister to youth and children in the "tents' city" of ground zero, bringing hope and joy to those young victims (I will put on a new slide show in my blog soon). Many came to know the Lord because of their constant effort. Please pray for the follow up work in that harvest field.
Pray also for the first Winter that the victims will encounter. It was not too bad when we visited the area. But temperature could come down to 1 to 2 degree Ceuceous during Winter time. Pray that they would not see snow, or else their lives will be even more miserable.
The government was very strict in terms of outsiders from going into this area. Christians were closely watched in terms of their activities to share the good news, though they recognize the fact that Christians do bear hope and peace to many who lost everything in life. May God continue to show mercy to our fellow men in Sichuan province.
I will have some preaching ministry in Hong Kong in this coming weekend. If God allows, Loretta and I will be home on December 17. Appreciate your continuous prayer for us!

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